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Frequent Asked Questions - Boho Beauty House - Tampa, Florida
  • How should I choose between lash extensions or a lash lift?

    Lash extensions give you a more dramatic, voluminous look whereas the lash lift is a more subtle alternative with less maintenance. Both provide major improvement to your natural lashes.

  • How often should I get facials?

    We recommend that you should book a facial at least once a month. Combining deep cleansing, exfoliation, and extractions with other corrective treatments will help keep your skin bright, clear, and toned.

  • Why should I buy professional skin care products?

    The primary difference with professional skin care products is quality. These products are manufactured following very precise processes resulting in more corrective skin care. Here at Boho Beauty House, our skincare specialist assist you with creating a custom skin care regime and proper at-home use.


  • How often should I get a lash fill?

    Lash fills are suggested every two to three weeks depending on your lash growth cycles, activities, and other various factors. Keeping up with your lash fill appointments are a must when wearing lash extensions. Waiting too long might result in a whole new set being needed or inability to achieve full volume in a fill appointment. 80 minutes sessions are suggested for maximal volume, or extending fills longer than 3 weeks.

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Frequent Asked Questions - Boho Beauty House - Tampa, Florida